The basic training consists of 5 days to choose at your preference.
  The price of the basic class is 3.500 € ex tva of 21%, without material. 
  Master classes, advanced courses, specialized training

Training possibilities - master classes
price per specialisation/per training 1:1 training
full lips/coloring lips full mouth 950 €
areola and nipple correction pigmentation 950 €
color and shape corrections 
of already done permanent make up
950 €
camouflage scarcover
950 €

Perfection - master
Price on request only
A preliminary meeting is paramount so that I can assess your professional level. The rate is according to your personal preference, your needs, desires, actual problemsThese custom made individual training is for specialists who master all the specialties, that seek and search for perfection with a trained hand. Only for specialists who have experience for quite some time, minimum 6 years with almost full-time experience (and not 1 x/month occasionally).

Training conditions:

You provide models. If you do not provide sufficient models during classes, no additional practice will be provided.
You will do the touch-ups of the models after the classes,training (four weeks after each treatment)
Timetable 10h00 - 16h30 - 1 hour lunch break