Depending on the severity of the burn wound, a treatment in permanent make up can cover, one part of , the burn wound by the whole re-pigmentation or camouflage them. We also call this procedure micropigmentation or medical tatoo.
The burn wound may be partially or fully repigmentated or tattooed. With permanent make upeyebrows can be redrawn into a beautiful shape. A mouth full of color can be tattood.
When a burn wound of the third degree all skin layers are charred. The skin looks like cardboard, and white or dark colored. Because the nerves through the skin are burned, victims often feel no pain. One of the third degree burn heals no more. A skin graft is needed, even for serious scars and deformities.
A burn of the second degree: not only the epidermis, but also the top layer of the skin is affected. The place to be burnt to blisters, the skin is red and white spotted and hurts. The healing takes several weeks and often continues afterwards a visible scar. Depending on the size, a burn of the second degree as moderately severe or severe to be considered.