New and safe techniques

1.Nude full lips Technology, July 2000
Joëlle Senden uses its own efficient and safe technique where a full mouth is colored in a span of 1.30 hours.
By applying "nude full lips", the aesthetic aspect of the client improves by complete mouth coloring. Ik you are looking for a subtle coloring at your mouth then 'nude lips' are the aesthetic solution for you.
Full lips corrects injuries and symptoms such as a labial cleft lip.
An asymmetry in the mouth can be corrected such as a thin upper lip / lower lip.

2. Technique the 'Art of Designing and nipple areolar complex' , September 2001
The art of drawing to a harmonious whole nipple and areolacomplex after a breast reconstruction, or after an aesthetic surgery For the design of nipple & tepelhofcomplex Joëlle has its "Art of Designing" created. Through research and study, Joëlle Senden discovered a theory for designing the nipple-areolacomplex, always by respecting the position of the nipple in the areolacomplex.
The goal of her theory is the improvement of the aesthetic appearance of nipple & areolacomplex, always respecting the position of the nipple in the areolacomplex.

An interview about her technique was also taken for:
Handbook for permanent make-up, Irma Wiechmann-Hulscher, June 2003
Interview with Joëlle Senden: Nipple & areolareconstruction
"What attracted me most was that Joëlle has studied the development of a method to maximize symmetry in breast reconstruction after a gain". This technique was published in newsletters or The Academy of Micropigmentation, 2001,
The Journal of Micropigmentation, June 2001
Medical Newsletter, Permanent Cosmetics Newsletter, Linda H. Dixon MD, Hawaii, July 2001