For an optimum result in scarcover, camouflage scars

    1. Breast cancer awareness
    2. Win the battle against breast cancer. Wear the pink ribbon. Do  your regular breast examinations. Do visit your specialist doctor.

      pinkribbon Joelle Senden
    3. Correction with full lips

      Correction of an asymmetric mouth, camouflage or cover pigment spots on the lips, full lips after laser application, increase lips slightly with full lips .. It's all possible with full lips permanent make up!

    4. And again: less is more! A natural, permanent lipliner combined with permanent full lips remain and emphasize your natural beauty. Your mouth will look a bit fuller through use of a natural pigment color.
    5. Bring along your favorite lipstick-colors for your full lips! I will love to mix the pigment colors based on your favorite lipstick color.
    6. Did you have a party and had a drink? Please cancel your appointment. Alcohol thins the bleeding.