Let yourself shine .. again ! My work

I started in permanent make-up and micropigmentation in 1998 and have continuously developed myself with various leading experts throughout the world. I did enjoy an intensive 4-years course with a recognised, approved plastic and aesthetic surgeon.
Interest in color and design.. I got them from my parents where esthetic had high priority. My father reflected its born art in the profession of interior decorator and my mother has a pronounced gift for aesthetics. She is so beautiful and has a particular refiness of dressing.
I see my activity more as a gift and an artistic passion.

As an expert i can be appointed for expertises in permanent make up, medical tattoo and scarcover.
Since june 2014 I have been exepted as a member of the KGSO (Belgische Kamer van Deskundigen gelast met Gerechtelijke en Scheidsrechtelijke Opdrachten vzw)

I am specialised in :

  • microblading: a manual tatoo technique for hyperrealistic eyebrows. See more www.microblading.be
  • Nude full lips: for a nude natural color of the whole mouth, full lips in permanent make up
    I use my own efficient and safe technique in which the lips are colored in a span of 1.30 hours. I transfer this technique also to my students.
  • camouflage of vitiligo, hypopigmentation
  • camouflage of scars
  • correction of injuries such as burns, labial cleft lip
  • redrawing of nipple and areolacomplex after a reconstructive or aesthetic surgery
    "Art of Designing" is her creation for the design of nipple & areolacomplex after a breast reconstruction. This technique facilitates the drawing and designing of the areola, and in addition, a possible symmetry of the areola and nipplecomplex will be possible.
  • adjustments of color and shape (old placed permanent make-up)
  • Juridical, legal expertises in permanent make up and medical tattoo, scarcover. 
  • Individual classes, trainings