Creating a new areola complex after a breast reconstruction is so rewarding

Scar Camouflage or scarcover is a greatful application for treatment of scars in:

  • patients who have undergone breast reconstruction
  • patients with a surgical scar after a facelift, a breast reduction or breastaugmentation
  • A face lift can be pretty successful. The bow of the finishing touch to your successful face lift: the camouflage of the scar that runs along your ear!
  • patients with scars after an accidental trauma such as burns, labial cleft lip
  • coverup of skin conditions such as hypo pigmentation vitiligo in the face or body

 Areolas pigmentation or correction after breast reconstruction

pinkribbon Joelle SendenIn a breast reconstruction is an artificial structure created in the breast where the breast was removed during a mastectomy. The breast tissue structure may be done by own or by artificial prostheses. The choice is usually on the patient, together in consultation with the plastic surgeon. Reconstruction can be done at the time of mastectomy or at a later time, during a new surgical procedure.

To the tissue to reconstruct synthetic implants can be used, but also the patient's own body tissues. The term reconstruction includes the reconstruction of the nipple and areola, have a breast reconstruction can be done without. Nipple and areolareconstruction usually occurs 3 to 6 months after the initial reconstruction. This period is necessary to finalize the chest and to take place and to help position the new nipple to determine.
The nipple is usually reconstructed with two or three small flaps from the skin of the flap at the place where the new nipple is formed.

This will lead to new small scars on the chest in the vicinity of the newly formed nipple. But these scars will be concealed by the tattoo of the areola and nipple.
The areola is a created tattoo. This tattoo is usually one to three months after the reconstruction of the nipple.
Tattooing is not a definitive procedure and often must be repeated after some years because of the fading of pigment color.

Camouflage of scars after breast augmentation surgery, after breast reduction
An aesthetic surgery can be beautifully finished by camouflaging, covering your scars.
Breast enlargement or breast reduction usually leaves scars. Refined tattoo, medical pigmentation camouflages these scars.