Activity permanent makeup (tattooing is considered by the Royal Decree of 25.11.2005) learn and practice is a fascinating profession which have many claims of patience and also can provide great satisfaction.
The attractive features such as eyes, eyebrows and lips of women and men can indeed subtly emphasized.
Micro pigmentation is a challenging activity in which an areaola and nipplecomplex could be redraw in color harmony and symmetry.
Scars can be covered. With micro-pigmentation hypopigmentation, vitiligo and other injuries are properly camouflaged.

It is important that you make the right choice in a full education. Charges for teaching permanent makeup and the relatively small investment to get started, for many very attractive, so that permanent makeup is often seen as a way to (quickly) to earn. Many are called but few chosen.
A guarantee for a proper, serious training is an organization with the Q * for quality. Interesting to read about the following article Pro Esthetic Joëlle Senden
Proliferation in training and permanent make up, Estheticienne article (Joëlle Senden)?

The majority of interested parties includes beauticians, nurses (-women), hairdressers, nail stylists, dermatologists, artists, therapists, tattoo artists, etc.
The high (hygiene) standards engaged in permanent make-up/micropigmentation, are observed during training and are imposed on all students.
Students should know when they leave the course, a lot of time and patience are asked from theirselver, to exercise and master the art of permanent make-up.
Permanent makeup is an art.

A good instructor for the student (e) is the guide who remains calm and patient.

I invite you to enjoy and get more acquainted with the opportunities in training and equipment.
Joëlle Senden