Permanent eyeliner makes your eyes speak!

  • Permanent make up eyeliner gives your eyes more expression
  • Eyes are visually enhanced by a fine permanent top eyeliner and/or below
  • Eyelashes can be accentuated by a technique called intensification of the upper and/or below eyelashes
  • Permanent intensification of the lashes makes them look fuller. Intensification of the lashes is a pigmentationtechnique where eyelashes are accentuated. Eyelashes have an intense and full look. Intensification of the eyelashes is a lashaccent and is not an eyeliner nor kajal. The result is subtle and takes approximately 1,5 to 2 years.
    More information about permanent make up to the eyes, eyebrows, lips
    Intensification of the eyelashes is indicated:
  • if you don't want an eyeliner or kajal
  • for men, because of its subbtle look
  • for women, men with blonde eyelashes
  • for women, men with no or very little eyelashes
  • when an eyeliner or kajal does not fit your eye make-up